2016 Stowe Archers 450 League Finals

2016 450 League Champions (Left to Right) Austin Ayres | Steve Whitesell | Amanda Newland | Bill Newland

2016 450 League Champions (Left to Right) Austin Ayres | Steve Whitesell | Amanda Newland | Bill Newland

Since the beginning of January, archers have been gathering at the clubhouse, on Tuesday Nights, to shoot our Indoor 450 Spot League. Weather hasn’t always cooperated but we made it through the regular season unscathed.

Last week we began our Finals Shoot-Up. Teams were seeded based on points earned throughout the season then were tasked with shooting in a tournament. The bottom seed shot the next seed on the list and the winner moved on in the tournament. We continued with this format until one team was left standing.

The 2015 450 League Finals took place in a single night. It made for a very long night that we did not want to repeat this year. Unfortunately, unlike last year, I was unable to get video footage of all rounds of the finals.

This is unfortunate because there were some really fun match-ups early on that I would have loved to catch on video. Rounds 4, 5, and 6 have been embedded below. Simply click the Play button to begin watching.

Round 4: Team 5 vs Team 7

The week prior to this match-up, Team 7 had a tough game ahead of them. Rick, Dave, and Kevin had to shoot against Team 6 (Scott, Bill, Wayne, and Mike) which was on a bit of a hot streak. Team 7 pulled it out by 2 Points (599 to 597) and advanced to to the follow round.

Coming up against Team 5 in Round 4 was going to be tough. Their competition – Joe, Mike, Don, and Kyle did very well in the tournament last year. Perhaps there was some added pressure from being filmed or perhaps they just had a bad night but Team 5 dropped a couple more points than usual and Team 7 was able to pull out the win with a score of 597 to 590.

Round 5: Team 4 vs Team 7

With another win under their belts, Team 7 advanced to shoot against Team 4. Rick, Dave, and Kevin were on a hot streak and shooting very well together – scoring into the 590’s in each matchup.

Team 4 – Bill, Amanda, Austin, and Steve had been shooting consistently strong all season long. Would their consistently hold out or would Team 7’s hot streak carry them through?

When the last arrow was scored, Team 4 upset the streak and came out on top with a score of 596 to 587. It was a fun matchup to watch and resulted in Team 7 coming away with 3rd Place in the Tournament.

Round 6: Team 4 vs Team 2

When it came down to the final round of the tournament, I think we all expected to see Team 4 shoot off against Team 2. Both teams were favored to win it all.

Bill, Amanda, and Steve went on to win the 2015 450 League (with Ben Keppell) and Austin has a reputation for being a very strong shooter.

Pete, Tim, and Bradlee are all strong shooters. Their fourth – Maddie is an IBO World Champion that also went on to win her division in the Lancaster Classic this year. She is also the only shooter in the league to carry a 0 handicap.

Everyone that stayed to watch the final matchup expected a close game and the teams didn’t disappoint. Team 2 went on to win it all with a perfect score of 600 points to 590.

Complete Video

When all of the footage was put together I wound up with a video that ran about fifty minutes long. Knowing that most people would be unable to watch a video that long, in one sitting, I broke up the video by round (which is what is available above). If you’d like to see the complete run in a single video, the one down below is what you’ll want to watch.

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  1. Really enjoyed the the spot shoot league.Thanks Walt for doing a great job.Congrats to Bill,Amanda,Steve and Austin.

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