2016 Stowe Archers 450 League Sign-Up

If you would like to participate in the Stowe Archers Indoor 450 League, please use the registration form below.

Please be aware that our indoor leagues generally fill up fast. Participants from the 2015 season will receive priority during signup. Once signups reach capacity, any additional names will go onto a waiting list.

As we get closer to our start date, the league administrator will be in contact with you.

The cost of the League, per week, is $10 for Members and $12 for Non-Members ($6 for Youth). The fee can be paid weekly, however, paying in advance is ideal.

PLEASE NOTE: Each participant is responsible for signing themselves up. By adding a name to the Partner / Team Field, you are NOT signing them up, you are simply telling the league administrator how to sort you.

3 Replies to “2016 Stowe Archers 450 League Sign-Up”

    1. Mike,
      We’ll be starting the first full week in January – that puts the first night on Tuesday the 5th. This year the first week will be for a pool score so that everyone has one. The team match-ups will begin on the 12th

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