2016 Stowe Archers Triple Threat Challenge


On April 16th and 17th Stowe Archers will be hosting our 2016 Triple Threat Challenge. The event will consist of an Indoor 600 Vegas Round, a 14 Target Field Round, and an Outdoor 3D Shoot (number of targets to be determined).

The cost to shoot the entire event is $25 for Adults and $15 for Youth (17 and younger). For those that would like to only shoot a portion of the event, the cost is $10 per round for Adults and $6 per round for Youth.

Registration will be open from 7:00am until 12:30pm. Outdoor 3D and Field Rounds can be shot at your leisure. The Indoor 600 Vegas Round will have 8:00am and 12:00pm line times on Saturday and Sunday (additional lines will be added if needed).

Winners from each division will be determined by a combined score from each round shot.

Food and Drink available for purchase in the clubhouse
50/50 Novelty Shoot
Raffle Prizes

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