2017 Lancaster Classic – Live Feed

For the past couple of weeks there have been a lot of members at the Stowe Archers Indoor Range practicing for the upcoming Lancaster Classic. There has been a ton of buzz surrounding the event (there usually is, it is a hugely popular event) and I thought it would be nice to try and have a place for our members to track the event and cheer on the home team.

Just like last year, scoring is being done Live by Rcherz. Below is a list of our Members (my apologies if I miss anyone) if you’d like to root for the home team.

Qualification Scores:

Masters Open (50+)

    Greg Benner: 606 Points (Average 10.1 points per arrow)

Youth Open Male

    Austin Ayres: 626 Points (Average of 10.43 points per arrow)

Youth Open Female:

    Ava Dremann: 611 Points (Average of 10.183 points per arrow)
    Amanda Newland: 596 Points (Average of 9.93 points per arrow)

Women’s Open Pro:

    Madison Rutkowski: 646 Points (Average of 10.77 points per arrow)

Barebow Recurve:

    Scott Hazel: 405 Points (Average of 6.75 points per arrow)
    Mike Bloomfield: 424 Points (Average of 7.07 points per arrow)

Men’s Recurve:

    Kevin Kachel: 559 Points (Average of 9.32 points per arrow)

Senior Open (60+):

    Mike Schelpf: 521 Points (Average of 8.68 points per arrow)

Live Results from Rcherz

Member Photos

Qualification Rounds

Elimination Matches

Shoot Up Matches

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