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There will be a pre-USAA/NFAA Level 1 And Level 2 instructor course meeting on Monday, February 20th at 6:00 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. The meeting should last no more than 30 minutes. Please bring a blank check if you are planning to attend the instructor course as fees will be announced at that time and must be paid in advance. We will decide on date(s) for the courses at this meeting.

We will cover eligibility requirements, course content, fees and additional web based courses that are a requirement to obtain the certifications. No pre-registration is required.

Thank you!

Stowe Archers will be hosting a USA Archery Level 1 and Level 2 Student Certification Course in February of 2017. Registration will be limited to 12 Students (combined between Level 1 and Level 2 Courses).

The Member cost for the course will be $30 per student ($70 for Non-Members) plus lunch. Potential students are encouraged to read over the course requirements and information on the USA Archery website.

We would also like to encourage our current Level 1 Instructors (those that aren’t interested in becoming a Level 2 Instructor) to come out and lend a hand with the practical portion of the class.

To register for this class
Please email Mike Schelpf

Hello Archers,
Each year, in October, we open up registration for our Indoor Leagues which begin in January. We’ll be running the usual leagues and the clubhouse is going to become very busy in the coming months. If you’d like to join us, please use the appropriate signup form down below.

    Monday: Youth Night
    Tuesday: 450 Spot League
    Wednesday: 3D Bowhunter League
    Thursday: 3D League
    Sunday: Practice*

We are considering opening the Indoor Range to the public on Sundays in January. There will be a minimal fee to use the range for practice. In addition to the range, we also have a bow press, chronograph, and paper tuner for those that would like to use them.

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Throughout the month of October, Stowe Archers will be accepting pre-orders for Club T-Shirts. Shirts will be grey in color with a block logo.

On November 1st we will be placing our order. If you would like to reserve shirts for yourself and your family, please use the pre-order form down below.

Once the pre-order has concluded, limited sizes and quantities will be available for purchase during our events.
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Stowe Archers - Work Party

A few weeks ago a couple of the members were standing around discussing the upcoming 3D Season when the suggestion came up that we should approach Joe Hoffman about renting a machine to go through the woods, clean up the roads, and possibly put in a couple of additional shooting lanes.

A short time later we got together with Joe and began putting together a game plan. The first step would be to meet up and take a walk through the woods to assess the damage from a few recent storms. Two weeks ago we took advantage of a nice day and walked the property.

To our surprise, the truck paths took a serious beating. Some areas were so washed out that we’d never be able to get the old club truck through to deliver and pick up 3D animals. There was no way around it, we were going to have to rent a machine and get to work in short order – before the 3D season got underway.
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