Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D guidelines


    The reason this is titled GUIDELINES is because the Southeast PA Indoor 3D shoots are all about sportsmanship with friendly competition and nothing about cut-throat win at all cost competition. We are here to fling arrows, laugh and become a little bit better archer along the way. Friendly competition is welcome and encouraged.

    Wikipedia: Sportsmanship expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors. Being a “good sport” involves being a “good winner” as well as being a “good loser”.

    Sportsmanship can be conceptualized as an enduring and relatively stable characteristic or disposition such that individuals differ in the way they are generally expected to behave in sport situations. In general, sportsmanship refers to virtues such as fairness, self-control, courage and persistence and has been associated with interpersonal concepts of treating others and being treated fairly, maintaining self-control in dealing with others, and respect for both authority and opponents.


    1. Ranges are to consist of at least 16 3-D Rinehart targets with center 12 rings and off center (on the 5-8 line) 14 scoring rings.

    2. All targets should be good enough to prevent an arrow from passing through the vital area of the target and scoring rings should be distinguishable. In the case of a target reaching the pass-through state (arrows passing completely through the target and/or burying beyond the nock) or becoming unscoreable during a tournament, range officials should be notified ASAP for the appropriate target replacement, repair, angle change, etc. Groups should make a majority ruling on the placement of the arrow or judgment call in the absence of a definable line.

    3. Targets are to be set at marked distances up to 40 yards as determined by host range’s official range finder for the event.

    4.Targets must be distinguishable. There should be no obstruction of the vital area

    5. In the event that a target has multiple scoring zones the front vital and center 12 ring will be used for scoring unless otherwise marked on the target and/or on the yardage marker.

Shooting Position

    6. The shooter must shoot with the forward foot touching the lane line or your feet straddling the lane line.

    7. Shoot the target that corresponds to the lane number and color.

    8. Shooting the wrong target results in a zero score. (no do overs)


    9. Participants must have at least two shooters in a group. The only exception is if there is a Range Official available to score the lone shooter or another group will score with the lone shooter.

    10. All registration and shooting information on each scorecard must be filled out legibly or the shooter may be disqualified. This includes full name and class.

    11. Shots must be scored by both scorekeepers before arrows are pulled. Early pulled arrows receive a 0. Repeat offenders may be disqualified at range official discretion.

    12. To score, arrows must be stuck in the target. (Clarification point: Arrows must be judged while in target, not after being pulled.

    13. If two or more parts of a broken arrow are stuck in the target, the shooter only receives a score if the actual target point is present and stuck in the target. If no target point is present then no score is given.

    14. Tie scores will be broken based on the following:

      a. the most # of 14’s
      b. the most # of 12’s
      c. the most # of 10’s
      d. the most # of 8’s
      e. the most # of 5’s

    15. In the event of a perfect tie, the tie shall stand – There will be NO shoot off.

    16. An arrow that strikes another arrow in the target and glances off that arrow will receive the point value of where the arrow point ends up, NOT the value of the arrow that was already in the target.

    17. If an arrow is touching the outer edge of a line, the shooter receives the higher score. (Clarification point: Touching means NO visible space between the arrow shaft and the outer edge of the line in question.

    18. If a group is unable to reach a majority ruling on a line call, the group should call the range official to make a final determination. The range official’s call is final.


    19. All classes that are determined by age (Youth and Seniors) will be as of January 1st of each year.

    20. It is the responsibility of the shooter to know all the rules pertaining to his/her class and make sure he/she is assigned the proper class. Once a shooter shoots their first target he/she may not change class. If the shooter does not qualify to shoot a class entered by mistake, shooter is disqualified from that round in the tournament. No refund will be issued.

    21. The following classes will be used:

      a. Bowhunter – Release, Fixed Pins, 12″ stabilizer maximum, No Magnification
      b. Unlimited – Movable sight
      c. Senior Fixed Pins – Fixed Pins, Age 50+, Male and Female, (No limit on stabilizer)
      d. Senior Unlimited – Movable sight, Age 50+, Male and Female
      e. Super Senior – Any equipment, Age 62+, Male and Female
      f. Ladies – Any equipment
      g. Bowhunter Limited – Fingers, Fixed Pins, 12” stabilizer maximum
      h. Traditional – Bare bows only
      j. Compound Bare bow – Bare bows only
      k. Youth – 13 to 17 years old, any equipment, Male and Female
      l. Cub – 12 years and younger, any equipment, Male and Female
      m. Cub under 15yds. – Special line for kids to shoot 3D targets in a short distance environment.

    22. Shooters may enter more than one class but due to class line scheduling conflicts of the Showdown shoot, the shooter may have to choose a final class at the Showdown.

    23. Multiple rounds may be shot in any class with the highest score for that weekend being the one that is used.


    24. When shooting, the shooter must touch or straddle the shooting line with some portion of his/her body.

    25. When drawing a bow, shooters should always draw bows in the direction of the intended target – never to the side or upward in a sky drawn direction. Safety first! Only one warning will be given.

    26. Discussion of target yardage, location of scoring rings, etc. is allowed between paired shooters.

    27. There is no time limit or maximum let down rule for shots, however, if in the range officials judgment the line is being held up by excess time or let downs being used, the range official at his/her discretion may start using a two minute per shot time limit.

    28. A letdown is considered controlled and may be re-shot as long as any part of the arrow remains within 10ft of the shooting line.

    29. If a shooter launches an arrow less than 10ft from the shooting line during the process of coming to full draw, the shooter may re-shoot the arrow without penalty. (Clarification point: unless the arrow hits the target)

    30. If any part of the archer’s equipment fails during a shot and the arrow remains within 10ft of the shooting line, that arrow maybe re-shot after the repair has been made.


    31. SE PA Indoor 3D does NOT have a maximum arrow speed for any class.

    32. No manual adjustment to the peak bow weight will be allowed after the shooter has started an event.

    33. No manual adjustment to Fixed pin sights will be allowed after the first arrow has been shot.

    34. Electronic range finding devices are allowed.

    35. Binoculars (handheld) will be allowed with no power restrictions.

    36. Equipment failures are determined by the shooter. The shooter must have his/her score card initialed/time stamped by the range official as an equipment failure. The pair/group will leave the range and discuss with the range official what the plan for repair is. The shooter has 30 minutes from that point to make repairs and check equipment on the practice lane before checking back in with the range official for re-entry. If the equipment cannot be repaired in time then the shooter without the equipment failure will be assigned another shooter to score with and continue on. Any shooter not following these guidelines may be disqualified.

All Events

    37. Youth and Cub classes will be given awards for the weekly competitions as follows:

    Number of Shooters Number of places to be awarded
    2 1st
    3-4 1st | 2nd
    5 or More 1st | 2nd | 3rd

    38. Shooters may wish to compete for the Top Gun award. To qualify for the award the shooter must shoot at least once at French Creek Outfitters, Stowe Archers, and Reading Archery. (If more than one round is shot at a club, the highest score will be used) The highest score from each club is totaled and the shooters are ranked by score. Depending on attendance in each class a determination will be made on how many will qualify per class to shoot in the final years event called the Showdown. The qualifiers for the Showdown will be given a line time and will shoot a single round for score. There will be awards for the “Showdown” top scores for that day’s event (ties broken by 14’s, 12’s etc) and the Showdown score will be doubled and added to the previous qualifying score to determine the Top Gun for the season. (Ties for Top Gun will NOT be broken.)

    39. Shooters qualifying for more than one class may have to choose which class they will shoot in depending on the Showdown line class schedule. (ie: Senior Unlimited line shooting same time as Senior fixed pins and/or Ladies shooting same time as Youth) We will try to accommodate as many multi class shooters as we can but shooting for two different classes during the same line time will not be allowed.

    40. Protest of another shooter/rules violation is to be filed with the SE PA Indoor 3D Commissioner. Protest must be made within 48 hours of the incident in question. No protest will be heard by any person until a $50 protest fee along with a detailed written protest is sent to the SE PA Indoor 3D Commissioner. Final ruling will be made by the SE PA Indoor 3D Commissioner within ten days of the event. If your protest is upheld then you will be refunded your protest fee.

    41. Published registration times may be extended or additional times added at the discretion of the host club with prior approval from the SE PA Indoor 3D Commissioner and a SE PA Indoor 3D official or designee in attendance. All SE PA rules must be enforced. (this rule is to allow for those workers helping setup/run the 3D shoots to participate in as well as special line time allowance for special circumstances)

    42. No alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed on any range or practice area by anyone during shooting hours. Also any person thought to be intoxicated at an event will be asked to leave the premises. Law enforcement officers will be called if necessary..

    43. If any type of circumstance arises that these rules do not cover, the range official will make the final ruling. The incident is to be reported to the SE PA Indoor 3D Commissioner for review and the possible addition of a new rule. Regardless of how the rule is written, the original decision will stand for that instance.

    44. Range officials have the authority to modify any rule that is necessary to accommodate a handicap shooter.

    45. SE PA Indoor 3D reserves the right to change rules at anytime throughout any given season, if rendered necessary.

    46. SE PA Indoor 3D reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event due to weather or any other unforeseen factors