Outdoor 3D: 2014 Cumulative Scores

Earlier this evening I was over at Stowe Archers, shooting the Field Course, when I started to wonder about my average score. I routinely track my progress for Field Rounds but haven’t bothered with 3D.

I thought it might be interesting to tally up my scores, over the course of the season, to see where my average fell. I got to work and quickly realized that while my average was good to know, it would be even better to see how I did against regular shooters in my class / division.

I spent a little time and put together the spreadsheet below. As you’ll see, some classes / divisions are a little more exciting than others (more archers turning in scorecards to track). If for nothing else, perhaps this gives bragging rights to those that turned out to shoot every month.

The Outdoor 3D Season has concluded but the Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D and Indoor Leagues are fast approaching. We hope to see you in January!

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