Stowe Archers 2015 450 League Finals

(Left to Right) Bill Newland | Amanda Newland | Steve Whitesell | Ben Keppel

2015 450 League Champions (Left to Right) Bill Newland | Amanda Newland | Steve Whitesell | Ben Keppel

Since the beginning of January, Stowe Archers has been hosting an Indoor 450 League on Tuesday nights. Being new to the ‘League Manager’ position, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Fortunately, I was surrounded by several people that were a lot of help along the way, not to mention the great archers which made things fun.

On March 24, 2015 we held our Final Tournament. Points earned throughout the season created the seeding and we then had a head to head knockout tournament to determine our winner. The final match was determined by one single point. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next year.

Round 1: Team 5 vs Team 2

One of the key issues that I dealt with this year was handicapping. Last year there was a lot of grumbling about how Traditional shooters were nearly impossible to beat due to their high handicap percentages. This season I made a few tweaks to the system and unintentionally flipped the bias, making it very difficult for bare bow shooters to do well.

On paper, I really expected to see Team 2 win this matchup. Rob, Andy, Randy, and Al hold an average team handicap of 9 points and average a 579 out of 600 possible points per game. Going up against a team with two bare bow shooters, I thought they carried the heavy advantage.

Mike, Scott, Wayne, and John came out swinging. Their season average team handicap was 35 points with an averaged 560 out of 600 possible points per game. Despite the numbers not being in their favor, Team 5 came away with 597 points against Team 2’s 565 points.

Round 2: Team 5 vs Team 6

Fresh off their win against Team 2, Team 5 had a very big challenge ahead of them. They would face off against a team made up entirely of Unlimited shooters.

Don, Kyle, Chis, and Bobby made up Team 6 and carried a season team handicap average of 17 points and were shooting an average of 573 points per game.

Much like Round 1, I considered Team 5 to the underdog. Both teams shot well and in the end the official score was 577 Points for Team 5 and 581 points for Team 6. It wasn’t until I got home that night and began entering scores that I saw a mathematical error (a giant, bone headed one, that was entirely my fault!)

Wayne, who was on fire and shooting well above his handicap, shot an X 9 9 on his second end. Generally the team handling the score tallies up the score for each end. In this case, that didn’t happen and it was left up to me (not an excuse – I made a stupid mistake). In my haste to get the next matchup under way, I quickly tallied each end and Wayne’s second end, which should have been 28 points, was marked down as 18.

Team 5, who lost their match by 6 points, should have actually won by 4 points. My sincere apologies to Mike, Wayne, John, and Scott. There will be a system in place next year to make sure mathematical errors are caught before it is too late.

Round 3: Team 6 vs Team 4

Advancing in the tournament, Team 6 was going to have their work cut out for them shooting against Team 4. Paul, Paul, Darren, and Dillon have been shooting consistently all season with an average team handicap of 11 points and a season game average of 582 points.

Leading up to the tournament, Team 4 was in a three-way tie for third place. Despite having the better stats, I thought that Team 6 had a good chance of pulling out the win.

Team 6 didn’t shoot as well as they did the previous matchup but scored a solid 562 points. Despite a great effort, Team 4 dominated with a perfect score of 600 points.

Round 4: Team 4 vs Team 1

After it was announced that Team 4 would advance with a perfect score, everyone in the range seemed to perk up and take notice to just how well Paul, Paul, Dillon, and Darren were shooting.

Team 1 consisted of Myself (Walt), Brian, Austin, and Bill. The average team handicap throughout the season was 20 points with a season average of 579 points per game.

Not to seem biased but leading up to this matchup I think that Team 1 was favored to win regardless of season stats. Austin has been shooting extremely well all season long and is known for shooting plenty of X’s in each game.

Despite being the favorite, Team 1 was knocked out in the first round. Team 4 was on a hot streak and scored 594 points to Team 1’s 581.

Round 5: Team 4 vs Team 3

At this point in the tournament, I think all eyes were on Team 4. Paul, Paul, Dillon, and Darren were a lot of fun to watch. The team was quiet and reserved but encouraged each other on the line. The team remained on the line together until they were all finished, then continued to encourage one another as they hung up their bows and waited for the scoring process to begin.

Team 4 had their work cut out for them shooting against the second place Team 3. Bill, Amanda, Steve, and Ben had a strong season and with a team handicap average of 20 and 574 points per game.

At this point I think the format of the tournament was beginning to take its toll on Team 4. It was getting late in the evening and Team 4 hammered out great scores in back-to-back fast paced games. In the end they shot an impressive 593 points but it just wasn’t enough to win again Team 3 and their perfect score of 600 points.

Round 6: Team 3 vs Team 7

All season long Team 7 has been the team to beat. Joe, Jason, Mike, and Leigh won the vast majority of their match ups and firmly held the number one seed. They held a season average team handicap of 20 points and an impressive average of 579 points per game.

Both teams shot very well and it came down to the wire. For the first time all season, we had one archer (Bill) shoot a perfect game with 150 points (without a handicap). The game ended just like all great games should, it was a battle that came down to one single point. Bill, Amanda, Steve, and Ben won it all with a perfect 600 against Joe, Jason, Mike, and Leigh’s 599.

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