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2017 Stowe Archers 450 League Champions

2017 Stowe Archers 450 Keague Champions
Walt White | Ava Dremann | Henry Dremann | Chris Deracola
(Left to Right)

Since the beginning of January, the Stowe Archers indoor range has been buzzing with activity. Throughout the week, archers would come in and practice for our weekly 450 League on Tuesday nights.

Ever since Walt took over the league three years ago, small tweaks have been made each year to try and make the teams as competitive as possible. This year handicapping was changed from a 10-Week Average to your Season Best.

For some archers, this change lit a fire under them and the competitive juices began to flow. For other archers, this change lead to lopsided scores. While no one complained, as league administrator, I preferred seeing tighter scores and a broader distribution of points throughout the season.

Despite lower total scores, the 2017 Stowe Archers 450 league Finals were fun to watch. There were some excellent matchups – I hope you enjoy the video and commentary below.

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If you would like to participate in the Stowe Archers Indoor 450 League, please use the registration form below.

Please be aware that our indoor leagues generally fill up fast. Participants from the 2015 season will receive priority during signup. Once signups reach capacity, any additional names will go onto a waiting list.

As we get closer to our start date, the league administrator will be in contact with you.

The cost of the League, per week, is $10 for Members and $12 for Non-Members ($6 for Youth). The fee can be paid weekly, however, paying in advance is ideal.

PLEASE NOTE: Each participant is responsible for signing themselves up. By adding a name to the Partner / Team Field, you are NOT signing them up, you are simply telling the league administrator how to sort you.

Big Shot Targets at Stowe Archers

During the Indoor Archery Season we began to experience problems with our Indoor Target Wall. The old fiber backstop served us well for many years but repairing it proved very costly. The club began researching potential replacement systems and ultimately voted to approve the purchase of nine Big Shot Target Butts.

This weekend our members came together and spent a great deal of time and effort dismantling the old wall and prepping for the new system. In the span of a single day our members were able to complete the job at hand.

Our new Big Shot Targets are a vast improvement over our previous back wall. Arrows will now pull easily and will be free of fibers fused onto the shafts. All we ask is that our members please place their targets on the corners of each frame (placing a target in the center will cause premature wear and tear).

We would like to thank all of our members that came out to lend a hand installing the new target system. Without your help we would have never accomplished such a big job so quickly.

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