To everyone with Hunting Privileges at Stowe Archers, please be aware that there will be no hunting on the property from Friday September 25th until Monday September 28th. We are going to have people in and out of the woods prepping for our monthly 3D Shoot this weekend.

We would also like to remind everyone that requirements for hunting privileges have changed. Anyone that would like to hunt on club property must have 30 Hours of Work at the club. If you are unsure if you have the appropriate number of hours, please speak with an officer or check the work log in the clubhouse.

Last night (Saturday – June 20th) a storm rolled through the area and brought down a tree on our neighbors property. When the tree came down, it damaged the neighbors fence and allowed a bull, cow, and calf to get loose.

We spoke with the neighbor this afternoon and he was able to track down the cow and calf, however, the bull is roaming around. We have given the neighbor permission to search our property for the bull. If you happen to see someone on our property that you don’t recognize (over the next day or two) it is more than likely our neighbor.

Just to clarify, if you happen to see what looks like an amazingly lifelike 1,000 pound bull, please be aware that it is NOT a 3D target.

Stowe Archers 900 Round - May 31 2015

Over the weekend Stowe Archers was proud to host our very first 900 Round. We promoted this event as a test to gauge interest in running similar events in the future. Pre-Registration was amazing and we were running out of space in short order. Unfortunately, we had a severe issue with no-shows which dropped attendance considerably.

Despite a low turnout, the weather was pleasant and the shooting line was filled with chatter and camaraderie. We hope to hold another 900 Round later this year, perhaps closer to the fall so that it isn’t quite so warm on the practice range.

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