Field League

    Week 4: May 17th through May 23rd – Hunter Faces on Targets #15 through #28

Outdoor 3D – May 24, 2015

    Registration: 7:00am until 12:30pm
    Cost: $10 Adult | $6 Youth (Ages 17 and younger)

Stowe Archers 900 Round – May 31, 2015

    Time: 9:00am and 12:00pm Line Times
    Cost: $10 Adult | $6 Youth (Ages 17 and younger)

Range Closed for Rental – June 20th

    Time: 12:00pm until 4:00pm

Membership Meeting – June 21, 2015

    Meeting Time: 3:00pm

Youth Program

    Time: 7:00pm until 8:30pm
    Cost: FREE, however, Donations are greatly appreciated
  • Closed Until Fall – We’ll se you then!

Big Shot Targets at Stowe Archers

During the Indoor Archery Season we began to experience problems with our Indoor Target Wall. The old fiber backstop served us well for many years but repairing it proved very costly. The club began researching potential replacement systems and ultimately voted to approve the purchase of nine Big Shot Target Butts.

This weekend our members came together and spent a great deal of time and effort dismantling the old wall and prepping for the new system. In the span of a single day our members were able to complete the job at hand.

Our new Big Shot Targets are a vast improvement over our previous back wall. Arrows will now pull easily and will be free of fibers fused onto the shafts. All we ask is that our members please place their targets on the corners of each frame (placing a target in the center will cause premature wear and tear).

We would like to thank all of our members that came out to lend a hand installing the new target system. Without your help we would have never accomplished such a big job so quickly.

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Stowe Archers April 3D Shoot - 1

This weekend, Stowe Archers was proud to host our first monthly Outdoor 3D Shoot of the 2015 Season. The morning started out a little brisk but by late morning the temperature climbed and it wound up being an absolutely beautiful day to be in the woods.

Our new 3D Range Captain, Rick Riegel, did a great job laying out the course and we received several compliments throughout the day.

We would like to thank everyone that came out to join us for our fist 3D Shoot of the season and we look forward to seeing you all once again next month (Sunday – May 24th)

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Stowe Archers Outdoor 3D - April 2015 Promo Post

This is just a friendly reminder that we have out first outdoor 3D Shoot of the season coming up this weekend. Registration will open Sunday (April 26) at 7:00am and will remain open until 12:30pm. The course will consist of 30 Targets throughout the woods and the cost will be $10 for Adults – $6 for Youth (17 and younger).

This is an important shoot for us because it will be the first under the direction of our new 3D Course Captain, Rick Riegel. After you finish shooting, make sure to find Rick and let him know what you thought of the course.

We have a variety of shooting divisions available, all archers are welcome to come out and join us. Food and Drink will be available for purchase in the clubhouse throughout the day.

Bill Newland takes his shot on the 3D Leg of the course while Austin Ayres looks on.

Bill Newland takes his shot on the 3D Leg of the course while Austin Ayres looks on.

Over the weekend, Stowe Archers was proud to host the 2015 Triple Threat Challenge. In this format we challenged archers to compete in a series of events. Combined scores between an Indoor 600 Round, Outdoor Field Round, and an Outdoor 3D Course would determine the winner for each division.

The weather turned out to be beautiful and it was the perfect opportunity to get out into the woods and shoot in the sunshine. Turnout wasn’t as high as we would have liked but everyone that came out to join us seemed to enjoy themselves.

We would like to thank the shooters that came out to participate as well as the volunteers that spent a great deal of time in bringing this event to life. We hope to see this event grow in the coming years and look forward to seeing all of you once again in 2016.

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Stowe Archers Members,
We are fast approaching our ‘Busy Season’ which entails lots of hours outdoors prepping for shoots and doing maintenance around the property. We are in need of volunteers to aid in the completion of these tasks. If you have some free time and you would like to lend a hand, please take a look at our Work Party List and sign up.

We could really use the help!