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Over the weekend, Stowe Archers were proud to host our last Outdoor 3D Shoot of the 2017 Season. The event was put on as a Fundraiser for our upcoming S3DA Program. We’re very excited to be rolling it out and hope to see plenty of new faces enjoying the sport of archery.

As far as weather goes, it was a fantastic day to be out in the woods. We had a total of 27 shooters help us raise a little over $300 for our program. We would like to sincerely thank everyone that came out and showed their support.

Things around the club will be a little slow as Hunting Season rolls in. We wish everyone the best of luck in the woods and hope to see everyone back for our Southeast Indoor 3D Series in December.
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This weekend, Stowe Archers were proud to host our last regular Outdoor 3D Shoot of the 2017 Season. We had a lot of bowhunters out in the woods, practicing for the upcoming season. We hope everyone enjoyed our Pennsylvania Game Animal setup this month.

While this was our last regular 3D Shoot of the season, we will be hosting a special Fundraiser Shoot on September 10th (SUNDAY ONLY). This shoot will be just like our regular monthly shoot except that all funds raised will go towards a Stowe Archers S3DA Youth Program that we will be launching in the near future.

Please consider joining us next weekend to help raise money for a fantastic youth-based archery program!

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Stowe Archers 3D - May 2017

This weekend, Stowe Archers was proud to host our second Outdoor 3D Shoot of the 2017 Season. Leading up to this event, weather reports were showing possible rain and thunderstorms. As it turns out, we had two beautiful days to enjoy in the woods.

New this month was the implementation of two new classes. K40 – Known Distance with a 40 Yard Max for those with a Bowhunter setup and K50 – Known Distance with a 50 Yard Max for those with an Unlimited setup. These new classes were created to eliminate the confusion around our previous Range Finder class and to capitalize on the quickly growing Known Distances classes at major events.

When the weekend was over, we had 67 archers on our course. We would like to thank everyone for joining us on this holiday weekend. We hope to see you all back again next month for our 3D Shoot on Saturday, June 24th and Sunday, June 25th!

Please take a moment to share your photos on our Facebook Event Page.

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Earlier this evening I was over at Stowe Archers, shooting the Field Course, when I started to wonder about my average score. I routinely track my progress for Field Rounds but haven’t bothered with 3D.

I thought it might be interesting to tally up my scores, over the course of the season, to see where my average fell. I got to work and quickly realized that while my average was good to know, it would be even better to see how I did against regular shooters in my class / division.

I spent a little time and put together the spreadsheet below. As you’ll see, some classes / divisions are a little more exciting than others (more archers turning in scorecards to track). If for nothing else, perhaps this gives bragging rights to those that turned out to shoot every month.

The Outdoor 3D Season has concluded but the Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D and Indoor Leagues are fast approaching. We hope to see you in January!

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